Vieste is a really famous city on the Gargano, thanks to its beaches and the marvellous clear sea.

It is visited by thousands of tourists every year, who are looking for relaxing holidays but also want to discover the natural beauties it has. If one really wants to discover Vieste, one has to visit its historical center, with its white houses, the narrow streets, the steep steps.

Two are the main doors through which is is possible to access the city. Do not miss a visit to the Cathedral that is devoted to the Assunta, dated back to 1000. In Romanic style, in 1600, due to an earthquake, it has lost its rose window and its bell tower, that has been substituted with the current one, in a Baroque style.

Today the Cathedral preserves the statue of Santa Maria di Merino, the Saint Patron of Vieste, that is celebrated on May, the 9th. The upper part of the city is overlooked by the Castello Svevo, built in the XI century by Federico II di Svevia, today is well preserved but it can only be visited from the outdoor because it is a barrack.

We also suggest you to visit the Chianca Amara, a rock where, in 1554, 7000 inhabitants of Vieste were decapitated by the corsair Draguth Rais. Unmissable are also the cliffs shaped by the wind and the sea, with pines, Saracen towers and the marine grottos, at the South of the coast.

The grottos are natural caves where one can admire amazing panoramas and that can be reached by boat tours. Furthermore, Vieste has also a lot of finds of ancient civilizations, such as the one of prehistoric man, among the most ancient in Europe.

The most accessible finds are those of the Necropoli La Salata, close to the beach of Santa Maria di Merino. Not so far from Vieste, there is the Foresta Umbra, a unique wood, made of typical trees of the North of Europe, but impossible to find elsewhere at these latitudes.

Today the wood is part of the National Park of the Gargano, and includes many other landscapes that go from the sea to the mountain.

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